Scottish Ginfographic

In celebration of World Gin Day (aka. most important day of the year), 5pm – the online bookings and deals site – released their second Scottish Ginfographic recognising the huge boom in the Scottish Gin Industry whilst appraising the best that Scotland has to offer.


With 70% of gin consumption being distilled in Scotland – success is a familiar concept to gintrepreneurs and this aesthetic map celebrates the top 53 of the country’s botanists – over 50% more than last year’s map.

As new a brand as we are, we are delighted to be featured and recognised as a top gin brand despite an abundance of strong competition. Our title of fourth best in Scotland put us ahead of all bar three on this map which makes us pretty proud.

Check the map out and look for ‘Bardowie Gin’ just North of Glasgow – we distil our gin by Bardowie Loch – an incredibly picturesque part of the world. The map tells you the botanicals we use as well as how to serve and drink it!

Pour yourself a glass to celebrate your Monday!


H&H x