The journey towards setting up a distillery really began when Mark, co-founder, took voluntary redundancy at the beginning of 2014, in order to stop what had become a weekly commute from Glasgow to London over the previous two years.

Mark initially decided to set up a microbrewery in Glasgow to supply craft beer and real ale throughout Scotland, and so Jaw Brew was born. The beers were well received and a strong trade was built up over the next couple of years with Mark and Alison attending various events to showcase Jaw Brew beer and learning a lot about the drinks trade in the process.

They noticed that not only was gin on the rise in general, but that the same customers who were buying Jaw Brew were also interested in buying gin.  Before long a strategy was developed, to increase the offering to their existing customer base, attract new ones and develop a distinctive high quality gin which could represent the founders' standards. 

Inspiration was found on the doorstep. The Jaw is an old miller's cottage on the shores of Bardowie loch and it was the awesome setting of this family home that became the inspiration for Bardowie gin.