Calorie G-intake

If you ever find yourself looking for another reason to drink gin [no reason needed] – then look no further. Hazell & Hazell are here to enlighten you on the health BENEFITS of drinking a cheeky B&T..or 2…maybe 3.

  • There is a mere 59 calories in a 25ml measure on Gin; elongate it with a slimline tonic or (even better) just add ice and a torn bay leaf and you are a mere 59 cals into your daily intake.
  • Juniper berries are proven to carry a myriad of medicinal benefits; used for centuries as a means of antiseptic and ridding of chest and lung infection
  • Botanicals in gin aid in the improvement of digestive systems by increasing stomach acid secretions and fluids utilised in breaking down foods – this also makes you less bloated!
  • The all-natural ingredients in gin work as antioxidants that keep your skin young, fresh and fleeky!
  • Going back to our roots, G&Ts (Before the time of B&Ts) were usedin the 1800s to make quinine more drinkable; Quinine was the essential medicine used to prevent and cure MALARIA. I mean…it’s best to still take your anti-malarials, BUUT doubling them up with a B&T or two might just save your life 
  • And finally….gin makes you live longer. The flavonoids found in juniper berries prevent heart disease and aid blood circulation as you *whisper* get older.

So now you can sip away at your Bardowie – however you like it – absolutely guilt free; and more than that, you can be confident that you are bettering yourself and being the health guru we all aspire to be…