The Nature of Autumn


Autumn is setting in and the scenery is changing. Lush greens are becoming gentle ambers as plants and animals alike brace themselves for the colder months. The migratory visitors are coming and going, some are scarce and hidden in the underbrush while others proclaim their arrival in abundance. Deer stand proud and inquisitive in the neighbouring fields, occasionally prancing gracefully through the rushes. Winter is coming, and the berry season is upon us. Blackcurrants, brambles and red currants are ripe for the picking. Holly bushes are brimming with berries, readily available like the seed filled feeders for hungry songbirds, and the edible hedge yields sloes which will be ripe by first frost. In the orchard fruit laden branches of apple and plum trees lean and groan with each passing breeze. There are mushrooms here that have finally detected the change in humidity and temperature, aware that this is the last warmth of the year they are springing forth, nourished by the fallen leaves and branches that herald another Summer passed. The low sun and cooler days give a glistering, vibrant tone to Bardowie Loch and the gorgeous mists and colours bring with them an ethereal quality. A wondrous place to stop, breathe and enjoy the passing of time, with a calm clarity that soothes the stress and ache of modern life. Perfect for inspiring and enjoying our Bardowie gin.