Bardowie Gin

One of Scotland's Best Small-Batch Gins

To make the gin unique the starting point was to source the botanical ingredients from Bardowie and so Mark’s foraging skills came to the fore. Many of the plants around the area had provided ingredients for the table at The Jaw and the most suitable candidates were gathered and tested as potential enhancements to a London Dry style gin.

Out of an initial list of 13 ingredients, four that were grown or gathered where the Hazells lived were chosen to contribute to the flavour of Bardowie Gin. Blackcurrant bushes were already established when Mark and Alison moved to The Jaw and constitute the first botanical selected for use. The fruit flavour it provides is enhanced by the freshness of bulrush stems which smell like freshly mown lawn.

This gives way to a nuttiness from ground elder which, although it is known as a pernicious weed today, was originally brought over by the Romans as a salad leaf – a function which it can still perform as well as rocket or spinach when young. The final ingredient that made it into Bardowie Gin was Bay – from a rather large Bay Tree that flourishes outside Mark and Alison’s kitchen window; this gives a pleasant herby aftertaste to their gin.

Bardowie Botanicals

Bay leaf, Bulrush, black currants and ground elder are hand-foraged botanicals from Bardowie Loch, Scotland. 

The Bardowie Perfect Serve

We recommend our gin to be married with equal part fresh tonic water and a torn bay leaf in a large glass full of ice. Alternatively, couple with a Bon Accord tonic and dehydrated clementine for a longer drink.