The Founders


Mark and Alison Hazell met in their early 20’s while working in their respective professions in London. Mark in IT and Alison as a Chartered Surveyor. After a stint working in Munich they settled in Scotland nearly 20 years ago after finding their dream house, The Jaw, a 300-year-old miller’s cottage nestling on the shores of Bardowie Loch. They moved in with their 3 young sons having returned to their roots as Alison’s family originated in Glasgow while Mark’s were from the Western Isles.


Mark and Alison had amassed a good amount of information regarding the history of The Jaw from various sources and a few years ago a friend and local historian sent them a copy of a cutting from the Glasgow Herald of 1822; this described the actions of a particularly vigilant Excise Man who apprehended a gang of illegal distillers at the west end of Bardowie Loch (the barn beside The Jaw would at the time have been the only building large enough to house a still of the size described in the article).